Daily Briefing: September 7

The stat, the quote, and the watch you need to start your day.


Axios conducted a study of social security data and discovered that, across the United States, newborns with names of locations are mostly from the state where the place is associated with. If you meet someone named Tex who was born between 2000 and 2019, they're almost certainly from Texas, while a Denali is more than likely to come from Alaska. The major exemption? New Jersey, where – despite their admiration for Springsteen  –  parents in New Jersey are 85 times less likely to name their kids Trenton than those living outside the state.


“Send us the numbers, Jimmy ”

Guinness World Records demanded receipts after YouTube star turned burger restaurant entrepreneur MrBeast (actual name: Jimmy Donaldson) announced on Sunday that his restaurant's initial physical location broke the world record for most burgers sold in one day by a single eatery. Whether or not this is a new record, one thing is certain: people are prepared to wait in line for a long time to purchase burgers from a person who gives away money on the internet.


Shane Hawkins, the 16 year old son of the late Taylor Hawkins playing the drums during “My Hero” with the Foo Fighters during the tribute show to his dad (get the tissues ready) (YouTube)

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