Daily Briefing: September 26

The stat, the quote and the read you need to start your day right.


If you watched Amazon's Thursday Night Football last week, you may have noticed something different- there were no beer commercials. This is because Amazon bans ads that promote alcohol in countries like the US. However, an NFL telecast without beer ads certainly feels like there is something missing. Of the $60 million spent on TV ads by beer companies in the past two weeks, 70% was directed towards NFL programming. However, Amazon's first TNF telecast was still a big success.


“Literally had a mom walk in [and] ask ‘Did they behave?’ after leaving her kids here.”

GameStop employees are tired of with parents leaving  their kids at their stores while they go shopping elsewhere, and they’re talking about it on the GameStop subreddit. “Your kids are not our problem. We already have enough to deal with,” said one employee. This phenomenon has been happening for years and, of course, has a name: “GameStop Daycare.”


The super-thin skimming devices used to steal PIN numbers at ATMs. (Krebs on Security)

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