Daily Briefing: September 12

The stat, the quote, and the read you need to start your day right.


Under a new plan announced by Princeton University, about 25% of students will have their tuition, food, and housing expenses completely covered if their families make $100,000 yearly or less. Even though it won't take much out of Princeton's endowment - which was at $37.7 billion as of June 2021 - this is still pretty huge.


“Buy your mom an iPhone.”

Tim Cook has no plans of allowing those with Android phones to be a part of the group chat via iMessage. When asked at the Code Conference on Wednesday, the Apple CEO quickly shut down any idea of using a new messaging protocol that would connect iPhone users with Androids. Google’s recent campaign urging Apple to adopt RCS (the successor of SMS and MMS messaging protocols) seems to have not had any effect.


Cash, stamps, and flags—how royal symbols will now change. (The Guardian)

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