Daily Briefing: February 14

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Cage-free eggs are taking over. The share of hens in cage-free housing rose to 28% in 2020 from 4% in 2010, and it’s predicted to hit ~70% by 2026. The dramatic shift is a triumph for animal-welfare organizations that urged businesses to buy cage-free eggs. McDonald’s, which purchases 2 billion eggs annually, changed to cage free after “concluding it was desired by customers.”


“No War in Ukraine.”

After a run at the Beijing Olympics, Vladyslav Heraskevych, a Ukrainian skeleton athlete, displayed a sign with those words. The International Olympic Committee ruled that it would not take action, despite Rule 50 of the Olympic Charter prohibiting political propaganda. “This was a general call for peace. For the IOC the matter is closed,” indicated the organization.


The Peloton (NASDAQ: PTON) new CEO’s email to employees this week, is an fascinating study in crisis management. (Twitter-Internal Tech Emails)  He's got me feeling inspired.

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