Daily Briefing: August 5

The stat, the quote, and the read you need to start your day right.


Tiger Woods turned down between $700 million and $800 million to join the LIV Golf series, according to LIV CEO Greg Norman on Tucker Carlson Tonight on Monday. Even though other golfers have left the PGA Tour for the money available through LIV, Tiger has stated that he does not support the rebel league—which is funded by the Saudis. Tiger's career earnings on the PGA Tour are approximately $121 million, which is around 15% of what LIV offered him.


“I know almost nobody in Columbus who is fully remote.”

According to the NYT, one Columbus, OH, employee's remark demonstrates how significant the variations in remote work across US cities are. Smaller towns with automobile-centric commutes and fewer Covid restrictions have a far lower proportion of WFHers than the top 10 biggest US cities. In San Francisco, remote work is permitted in 26% of job postings. In Birmingham, AL, it's 10.4%.


The single most important thing to know about college financial aid is—it’s a sham. (Slate)

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