Daily Briefing: August 30

The stat, quote and read you need to start your day right.


Last year, many crypto companies bought advertising space during the Super Bowl,  hired celebrity endorsers, and put their name on sports stadiums. However, its seems to not have had a great effect. According to a new Pew survey that asked people if they have invested in or traded cryptocurrency, only 16% said yes –the same percentage as a poll last September .


“When I tune into a Tampa Bay Buccaneers game I expect to see Tom Brady throw a football. When I tune into a Formula 1 race I expect to see Lewis Hamilton in a car.”

This week, golfer Rory McIlroy justified the PGA Tour's extensive overhaul of its structure. Under the new system, star players will compete in more tournaments together for higher purses. Additionally, McIlroy and Tiger Woods announced a new "tech-infused golf league" that is scheduled to begin in 2024 on Monday nights.


Wild story—how a Russian agent charmed her way into NATO circles in Italy. (Bellingcat)

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