Daily Briefing: August 26

The stat, the quote and the read you need to start your day right.


The first episode of House of the Dragon on Sunday night attained HBO's biggest premiere ever, with nearly 10 million viewers. This is also the most-viewed episode of any HBO show since the original Game of Thrones series ended. For comparison, Euphoria (HBO's most popular show since GoT) pulled in 6.6 million viewers during its second season finale in February.


“We hadn’t really expected it to be this good, to be honest.”

New photographs of Jupiter taken by the James Webb Space Telescope impressed scientists, including Imke de Pater, planetary astronomer and professor emerita at UC Berkeley. The gas giant may be in the running for People's Sexiest Planet Alive 2022. You may see Jupiter's rings (yes, it has rings) and two of its dozens of moons in the image above.


The story behind the mammoth $1.6 billion political donation bolstering conservatives. (New York Times)

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