About MarketCents

Hi there! We are MarketCents, a financial media company committed to helping every reader become wiser in minutes. Our aim with every article, newsletter and email is to inform and entertain you.

We love to research and report on traditional markets and economic news, but our interest is equally piqued by crypto, NFT's and other emerging assets. We promise to offer stories across asset classes, daily.

Our story

Ryan Thompson, our founder, has been working with publicly traded companies since 2017, but has been doing deep-dives on corporations since he was 15. As he tells it, he's no journalist, but he's like a dog with a bone for a business story.

He started MarketCents as a publishing hub where he could keep and share his daily research and review of all things financial, economic, crypto and more.

Our standards

MarketCents is committed every day to producing content that meets high standards of fairness, accuracy, and transparency. We take our journalistic responsibilities seriously, and we think that our content should represent it. We recognize that maintaining these standards will go a long way to upholding our reputation.

Have you seen an error in one of our posts that needs to be rectified? Perhaps you have information on one of our pieces or a story tip? Please let us know.

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